The Splash Drone 3 Could Take A Shot Of Aquaman

Splash Drone 3

Anyone up for a swim? The Splash Drone 3 is always down for a race, with the latest drone from SwellPro being fully waterproof. Sure, this drone will not actually swim rather than float, but this updated version adds a redesigned gimbal with a new 4K camera, stronger motors, and an improved flight controller.

Kickstarter campaign for the drone has proven successful, with numerous orders already coming in. The Splash Drone 3 comes in two version, specifically the Auto – controlled via a mobile app – and the Fisherman, which will carry a load of up to 2.5 pounds and release it remotely.

Splash Drone 3 Waterproof

SwellPro Splash Drone price

Showing off a bright orange color scheme, this thing might be Aquaman’s toy or a tool used by the Coast Guard. Either way, this is one serious piece of equipment that will set you back a cool $1,149 for the Fisherman and $1,699 for the Auto – early bird price tags.

Aside from that, there isn’t much more to say. Feel free to follow the campaign and find out more as events unfold, but a Spider-Man drone on the way, this one resembling something that Aquaman would design, I am expecting other heroes to benefit from their very own drone – similar to what Harley-Davidson came up with a while back.

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