The 3DR Solo Drone Will Keep You Company

3DR are the ones responsible for the single drone able to automatically control both copter and camera positioning – mid-flight, that is. Equipped with dual 1 GHz Linux companion computers, powering up unique Smart Shots, this drone will deliver amazing multi-axis aerial shots. But it isn’t that simple, as Smart Shots can be customized to your own needs and specifications – which makes for unique experiences and results. Users will enjoy flying high and filming, with the drone kept in line via preset angles and fine-grain tilt control. However, having your copter’s computer helping you out is always an option Solo can handle itself and follow predetermined paths to make sure your investment is always safe a– the while staying locked on a subject.

Easy to set up, the solo will execute any and all of your commands, with ease. Furthermore, you can override at any time and follow your inspiration. Smart Shots, an automatic scripted camera move, will allow any owners to brag about Hollywood-level aerial shots. You could deliver professional results without any practice – bit unfair to some people, to be honest. Benefiting from the only controller on the market with a 1 GHz computer, this toy will make all outdoor experiences enjoyable.

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Thanks to precise flight control sticks, along with auto takeoff and landing capabilities, you won’t get scared whenever anyone else get their hands on it. Please note that the computer powers both a WiFi hub and a built-in HDMI port for a live broadcast of your GoPro HD video feed. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the dedicated Pause button, which will bring Solo to a midair halt until you decide what to do next; I’m sure you’ll constantly find new ways of having fun with this little thing and also you can check today’s price on Amazon.

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