The Cheerson CX-36C Glider Feels Like Fun

The Cheerson CX-36 family now has a new member, keeping in line with the dragonfly theme – the Cheerson CX-36C. This drone features the camera at the front and brags about a low profile.
According to the company, the CX-36 series comes in 3 versions: the CX-36A has no camera, the CX-36B comes packed with a low resolution 0.3MP camera while the CX-36C version features an HD 2Mp camera. All 3 aforementioned quadcopters can be controlled through the CX-36 app available for both Android and iOS fans. However, you should be aware that no FPV function can be enjoyed with this toy.

Compared to other similar products on the market (check the price on Amazon also), the CX-36C comes with 3 blade propellers, supposedly a good idea for vibration reduction and quality aerial footage. All of this comes backed up by a 350 mAh battery, which promises a 5-minute flight time. Also worth mentioning is the one-touch take-off and land features, not to mention those colorful and cool-looking LED lights that will probably make night flights a bit more exciting. Speaking of which, the 6 axis gyro stabilization might come in handy and keep your drone safe and sound.

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2 thoughts on “The Cheerson CX-36C Glider Feels Like Fun”

  1. Ariel anthony cuanan says:

    My cx 36c just arrived but cannot find the cx 36c app in the internet…

    1. Draqos says:

      Hi Ariel,

      Which software device do you want to use (Android or iOS)?

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