The Hover Camera Does Everything In A Cool Way

The Hover Camera is the first of its kind, an autonomous flying camera that promises to deliver what we’ve all been thinking about the minute the first drone was launched: safety, portability and ease of use. With said features on offer, the Hover Camera had to be backed up by some serious technologies, such as Embedded AI, Zero Zero Robotics’ groundbreaking lines of code that enables AI algorithms to put that tiny circuit board through its paces.

Constructed out of carbon fiber, the Hover Camera is light and strong enough to allow it to hover without getting your pulse way high. Considering that the Hover weighs less than 250 grams, owners are not legally required to register with the FAA – that’s always good news. Considering that this drone was designed with pushing the limits of human understanding in mind, specifically in regards to new technologies, we can safely assume that we won’t get how this cool toy works.

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However, as long as it delivers the thrilling features it promises, we’re OK with that. Are you?

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