The Kid In You Will Love The LTXtreme Shooter

Forget all about ‘cops and robbers’ and such childish games, although they remain as fun as they were about 20 years ago. The LTXtreme Shooter cranks things up a notch by blending our two favorite universes: flying machines and shooter games.

The Shooter Drone is the only quad-copter that makes use of disk to hunt down and possibly will all enemies or simply that neighbor’s dog that really annoys you every damn morning. Ready to use right out of the box, the flying killer takes flight, locked and loaded with discs, and proceeds at taking down targets thanks to its motorized firing action.

Any target will be caught off guard, as this drone benefits from rapid fire and single shooting capabilities. Although it was designed to keep kids from the age of 8 smiling, even 33-year old children may put it to good use and have some fun. It will cost $69.99, but that’s not really a downside; the only thing I can think of is that this thing had better be silent, or else.

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The LTXtreme Shooter is user-friendly, which is to say that pilots will get to enjoy the day thanks to intuitive controls and auto-launch and landing. The drone’s features include 3 levels of speed control, hovering abilities and more; the 3.7v Li-Po rechargeable battery promises somewhere between 5 and 7 minutes of flight time. Please note that some serious aiming skills are required, as the  LTXtreme Shooter only packs 10 shooting disks. Are you ready for action?

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