The Parrot Bluegrass Will Keep You Fed

Forget all about toys, for now, and let’s focus on more important things. Most drones available on the market are recreational, aimed at kids and adults alike, but it would seem that there are bigger things in store for these devices than putting a smile on our faces – how about some bread, on the table? The Parrot Bluegrass is what we would call a professional tool, a multipurpose agriculture drone that joins an already impressive lineup.

The Bluegrass was designed to monitor crop health, check for missing plants, perform livestock monitoring, and more. Basically, this thing will put farmers out of jobs or help them out in their efforts to feed the hungry. To be able to handle that amount of work, delicate work, this drone packs a high-quality wide-angle camera, the company’s multi-spectral sensor and third-party apps like Airinov and Pix4Dag for data processing and map creation.

At 50 cm long, 44 cm wide and 12 cm high, this is bigger than your average toy; it looks more like a drone killer than anything else. Having been equipped with multiple cameras and sensors, this bold and durable drone A  carry around backpack secures everything, drone, and accessories; what about the spec list?

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Well, we’ve got an 1850-gram drone (4 lb), with a 14MP wide-angle camera lens (1080p full HD video) a 32 GB built-in storage space, as well as a 6700 mAh Lipo battery that promises up to 25 minutes of flight time – 3 batteries are included with the package. The Parrot Skycontroller 2 offers a range of up to 2 kilometers, while WiFi and plenty of sensors – GPS, inertial navigation, altimeter, ultrasonic sensor, optical flow vertical camera – handle the hard work.

The Parrot drone and its custom backpack are cool and all; the blades come off, so there are no worries about that. But some special features are noteworthy, such as Parrot Sequoia. This modular multi-spectral was added for detailed crop health inspection and mapping, making sure all data is relevant and to the point. I have to ask, though: will this make my milk taste better?

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