The PowerEgg May Hold More Than One Surprise

It’s been said that pigs might fly sometime in the near future – an old idea, at that; however, flying eggs never came up. Most quadcopters follow a set design footprint, but the PowerEgg seems to take on a different approach. Chinese robotics company PowerVision enters the US market with this unique drone showing off an extending landing gear reminiscent of E.T. and his friends. Propellers were bolted onto the arms, this thing is portable and the camera sits at the bottom. Good news keep coming, as we find out that this drone is capable of spinning in any direction – as is the camera. The PowerEgg will reach speeds of 29 mph and is able to operate at up to 13,123 feet above sea level for about 23 minutes.

The camera supports 4K UHD video capture at 60 Mbps, similar to Phantom products, with the lens helping the drone capture some cool footage. Photos are captured at up to 13.8-megapixel resolution, with removable microSD memory making things easier. Please note that the PowerEgg ships with two remote controls, to fit all taste and preferences. A GPS stabilizes the PowerEgg midair and helps it return home safely, as well as provide the user with other flight modes: orbit, waypoint, follow, and selfie. The PowerEgg will reach you come October, once  you pay $1,288 for it.

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