The RISE RXS255 Races To The Extremes

The RISE RXS255 comes out as a winner, right out of the box. This  full-throttle FPV racer brags about BLHeli firmware and OneShot software, meaning that agility and precision will not be an issue with this drone. Equipped with an adjustable FPV camera, video transmitter, and cloverleaf antenna, this small yet capable quadcopter will keep its owner entertained and excited. That’s what we really want when not at work, right?

The RISE RXS255 weighs in at just 460 g (16.2 oz), so you might have some trouble controlling it in strong winds, but this little thing makes up for that with the 4S 1300-2200mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector, enough to keep you smiling for a while. The video goggles are optional, yet imperative, with the standard package setting you back somewhere around $400 – a small price to pay for a small, yet capable drone, that will make your day way more enjoyable.

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