The Stylish IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS Quadcopter Makes An Appearance

IDEA-FLY has developed the Apollo, a ready to fly quadcopter ideal for aerial video hobbyists. Featuring integrated flight control system guided by GPS and wireless 5.8Ghz image transmission for FPV, this thing might take on the Dji Phantom 2 and win – especially if you consider the price difference

The onboard GPS allows the user to enjoy advanced flight modes, such as precise position hold, fail safe auto return and semi-autopilot mode. The Apollo can be quite fun, considering it’s packing four high performance brushless motors, ESC and carbon fiber propellers. Designers mixed the carbon fiber with high-strength engineering plastics, which resulted in low weight and cost efficiency.

Sure, this might sound like a compromise, considering two of 5 different versions of this quadcopter don’t come with an onboard camera – which might explain the $300 to $560 price range. 

However, the precise hovering and self-leveling capabilities, along with the highlighted LED Indicator for night flights and low noise brushless motors makes this an ideal candidate for beginners, all you need to do is put in the battery and enjoy.

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