The Tanky Is Fast And Ready-to-Fly

Tanky drone with Monster Energy

The result of a new drone startup receiving quite a lot of attention, Tanky drone was built for speed. This FPV racer comes ready to fly and is supposedly capable of reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph. 

However, this drone brags about more than top speed, with its nice touches making newcomers thinking about taking up racing. Showing off an X-shaped frame, slim arms, and centralized mass, Tanky benefits from aerodynamic efficiency, especially when it’s pitched forward and flying at extreme speeds. 

Worry not, as all of the drone’s vital components are protected by a composite thermoplastic skin – available in various colors. The FPV drone-racing scene is dominated by custom-built race crafts, although it should not be so; this drone might allow beginners to get started and stand out of the crowd on their way towards a professional career.

Tanky drone is designed for racing

Tanky Racing Drone

Fast, sleek, wire and clutter free, and damn fast – that’s one drone we’d all love to play with. Surely, we all appreciate the fact that the drone can be flown straight out of the box, and avoid some of the struggle involved with putting together your own custom racer.

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Tanky is a race drone, but brags about On Screen Display, an external camera tuning port, a tiltable camera, and an elegant design. If you want to find out more about Tanky, support the campaign or pre-order your own FPV racer; the kit, including a carrying case, is available to backers now for under $500.

Tanky drone concept

3 thoughts on “The Tanky Is Fast And Ready-to-Fly”

  1. Cornelius says:

    I want to bay the cacing Tanky Drone where can I register .
    Please let me know.


  2. Draqos says:

    Hello Cornelius,

    You can register on the Tanky’s official website to get the early deal when the drone is ready:

    Thank you for asking.

    1. Gary miller says:

      I have been looking at Tanky for about one year on kickstart program. Is Tanky going to make it for sale soon

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