The Walkera Vitus 320 Gets In On The Action

Walkera Vitus 320 Drone

We are talking about serious cash and a part of the market segment. Aside from that, you could just as easily focus on the fun aspect of these flying machines, which I’m sure is one of the criteria taken into consideration by the team behind this particularly interesting drone.

Chinese drone manufacturers at Walkera have come up with the Vitus 320, and some might have noticed by now that it resembles the Mavic, another Chinese-based flying machine. 

The portable and foldable quadcopter boasts a 4K, gimbal-stabilized camera, dual GPS flight stabilization and a miniature controller with arms that fold out to hold your device.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Walkera Vitus 320

Walkera Vitus 320 Features

This drone also sports obstacle detection functionality, supposedly better than the Mavic’s, keeping an eye out to the front, left and right of the drone – at about 5 meters, which might seem pointless.

However, it is worth mentioning that Walkera’s camera offers a wider angle of view at 85 degrees. The Vitus 320 is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the Mavic and seems like a decent compromise, although flying it will let you know for sure.

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You might also be interested in letting the people at DJI if there is a reason for them to worry; I think not.

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