The WLtoys V303 Makes DJI Owners Feel Unimpressed

Sad, but true; better yet, it can be fun to compare some affordable drones with DJI products – at least, for some people. Nonetheless, the WLtoys V303 is meant to allow those of you with limited funds to enjoy GPS, return-to-home and a barometer feature for under £200.

Capable of carrying a gimbal and GoPro camera for those amazing shots, the WLtoys V303 was meant to be an alternative to the DJI Phantom. The V303 has a white body, white propellers, and a white transmitter. However, the landing skids make it look much more like a lunar lander. Hello, is this Mr. Neil Armstrong?

You may choose one of the V303 versions, with a GoPro mount, cameras, gimbals and more on offer. There’s very little assembly needed out of the box; it’s worth ordering spares, with a pair of 9″ blades for £2.87. Decent quality brushless motors and the well-respected ZeroUAV YS-S4 flight controller work to offer the users some fun times.

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Flying the V303 is nothing out of the ordinary, while bright blue and red LEDs allow the quad to find its way during the night. Furthermore, a flashing status light on the rear tells you when there’s a GPS lock. For its value, the V303 is pretty stable, agile and fast, and will deliver around 10-15 minutes of flying with the standard 2700mAh battery – spares might come in handy. As expected, DJI fans are not impressed.

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