Top 8 Toy Drone Choices 2016 [BEGINNERS / KIDS]

What are the best toy drones and how do they differ from the rest of the bunch? Well, we’re talking about less expensive, yet fun and interesting flying equipment. Toy drones are fun to operate and offer more affordable price points, which means you won’t cry when one of these crashes; moreover, it seems like the best starting point for both adults and children. It’s worth noting that battery life isn’t an impressive feature, when it comes to toy drones, offering 10 minutes of fly time tops.

Here are the top 8 choices on the market:

1. Sky Viper HD V950

The Sky Viper is a toy, featuring a camera, making it capable of recording photos and videos in 720p footage. Panoramic shots are also part of the offer, with a 4GB MircoSD card allowing for roughly 20 minutes of footage. It’s well worth mentioning that the camera is removable, allowing the drone to be even more maneuverable. Measuring 12.75” from blade to blade, with a 6-axis digital stabilization, this drone can handle a crash; the $90 price-tag isn’t half bad either.

2. Hubsan X4 H107C


The Hubsan also brags about the new 6-axis control system, which means it’s agile and fast – perfect for some fun times and interesting stunts. The drone may be small in size, but it offers both beginning and advanced flying modes. The adjustable sensitivity setting is ideal for anyone, allowing users to improve their piloting skills.  The Husban also brags about stable flight and durability, while its camera records at 720p. With a battery life of about 7 minutes and a range of about 00 yards, this $50 drones got our attention.

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3. Air Hogs Star Wars


This Air Hogs definitely looks fun, and I’m sure the Millennium Falcon is incredibly entertaining. The RC controller even sounds intergalactic, but you should know that it’s recommended for crash-prone indoor pilots.  Made of Styrofoam, this done won’t damage walls or furniture, but once the breeze hits, it’s all over. You should know that the battery isn’t removable, and it will provide only 5 minutes of fun. $79 will buy you the toy drone, controller, and USB charging cable, not to mention some extra points with the kids.

4. Traxxas 6608 LATRAX

Although small, the Traxxas has four rotors and an auto-leveling system; this means fun times and easy controlling. This drone is durable and fast, allows users to learn how to handle it fast, and will even feature high-speed charging. The integrated bright and colorful LED lights allows the drone to show off at night, at least for 10 minutes anyway. You’ll have to pay up $100 before trying it out, though.

5. Uto Drone U960

This toy drone comes with a camera and is great for people who would love to try out first-person point-of-view (FPV) flying.  The mounted camera features built-in WiFi, which allows users to access it using the app on their device. The stable flight makes it easy to use by beginners , while the 5 to 8 minutes of flight time sounds decent – replacement batteries are also an option. With HD video recording and high-resolution pixels on offer, the UTO Drone sounds cool, although it takes about 120 minutes to charge. However, the screen lag and video downlink should explain the $90 price-tag.

6. Udi U818A

Yet another $100 toy, this UDI model is also a good choice. The quadcopter is ideal for beginners, although the camera’s 640p may disappoint a few people. However, high-speed flying allows for learning flips at the touch of a button, if the wind chooses not to show up. Get ready for up to 9 minutes of fun.

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7. Odyssey QR-12

The Odyssey QR-12 comes packed with fun features, no matter your age. The three-speed control enables users to fully test their piloting skills, and try out the 360 degree turns and various other stunts. The LED lights positioned in the undercarriage results in some amazing effects once the sun is down, while the built-in camera stores footage on an included 2GB SD card. Please note that this drone’s high-quality lithium battery takes about an hour and a half to charge, and that the toy costs just $69.

8. Parrot Rolling Spider

The Parrot needs no introduction, and the Rolling Spider model is a popular toy. Showing off a unique design, this drone is enjoyable for users of all ages and is capable of handling itself if damage occurs. The wheels enable it to roll anywhere, including up walls and ceilings; it will also fly around, and comes equipped with a FPV camera. Operated off a smartphone app, this might get kids in a bit of difficulty. With an 8-minutes flight time and a price-tag of $90 – $109.99, this toy is definitely worth the effort. There are way more drones on the market, so you are free to choose your personal favorites. Please create a basic checklist, containing your desires, before choosing your own toy. Once you figure that out, there’s nothing left to do but have fun.

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