Tzur Is IDF’s Latest Development

Tzur is a brand new Israeli UAV, capable of carrying supplies and special reconnaissance equipment – at least, in theory? This drone will hover for long periods of time and operate at a range of 10 kilometers, a first endeavor of the kind from  Israeli military

The development of the Tzur drone took around two years and might take an extra year, depending on test results and other factors. The Tzur is larger than standard civilian drones, and is expected to weigh in at around 10 to 15 kilograms, with a blade span of 1.5 meters.

Obviously, this drone is meant to be versatile both in daytime and nighttime, including quality visual surveillance and transportation of several kilograms of supplies and ammunition. All of this will have to be completed in silence, since stealth operation are a must. With all that in mind. the Israeli military would like to see each combat battalion make use of at least one hover drone, although we will never know exactly what for.

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