User-Friendly AeroVironment Quantix Drone Watches Over You

In the age of technology and fast digital speeds, businesses are all about efficiency – the only attribute worth discussing when calculating profit margins. The AeroVironment Quantix promises to deliver just that, with the drone offering the best of both worlds, a capable drone, and cloud-based analysis service. Designed for industrial applications, such as remote sensing and surveying,  Quantix will be available in the spring of 2017, with the acquisition costs yet to be disclosed.

Fixed-wing drones are more energy-efficient and are able to cover long distances in shorter amounts of times; for instance, the Quantix will easily travel 40 linear miles in less than an hour. Since quadcopters require less space to take off and land, they are usually the prefer solution, but that’s all behind us since this drone will take off and land vertically, yet transition to horizontal flight while airborne. If the situation calls for it, the user may use the Land Now or Return Home buttons.

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The AeroVironment Quantix will fly along its predetermined path at a user-selected altitude, gathering data with its color and multispectral sensors.  Packing RBG and multispectral cameras, Quantix is capable of covering 400 acres of land during a single flight, all the while collecting high-resolution images. The data can be instantly analyzed on the included tablet, while a thorough analysis requires users to log into AeroVironment’s cloud service  – Decision Support System (DSS).

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