UVify OOri Takes Off

UVify OOri

OOri Takes Off, at least in our eyes – now, that we’ve stumbled upon it online. This $389 drone is being advertised as the World’s first smart racing drone – easy to control, fun to fly, and fast. Packing performance-oriented brushless UVify motors coupled with UVify sensors, this thing aims to become the agilest microdrone out there.

UVify OOri Drone

Integrated sensors allow OOri to hold its position midflight without tormenting its pilot. Speaking of whom, everyone will most likely appreciate that magical button that allows this drone to show off any color you imagine.

The blade protector comes off when you’re looking for speed and is easily mounted back on when your experimenting with new tricks. OOri comes bundled with a controller and a screen. The only thing you need to do is open the box and go for it!

OOri Drone

The charging station is a nice touch, ensuring that you always have the power to fly towards the sunset – with a top speed of over 79 km/h, that trip will be short, especially since at that speed the battery pack will have been depleted in 2 minutes.

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