Voliro Puts SpiderMan To Shame

Voliro hexacopter

Multicopter drones look amazing but have always been associated with difficult in handling. Nowadays, technology and innovatively written software can make anything happen, and the Voliro is the perfect example.

This hexacopter is able to 360 degrees and fly in any orientation; it can fly sideways, upside down, diagonally and in any other way. Developed by a team of 11 students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,  Voliro took 9 months to become a reality and may have been inspired by Spiderman. 

Why? Well, because this flying machine can easily fly parallel to walls and look down on mere citizens.

Hexacopter Voliro

Future work might get this drone to show off new and interesting features, including a large sphere in its center that allows it to roll in any direction on the ground. The potential is incredible, and building inspectors are probably already figuring out their work has just become immensely easier.

Voliro Drone

Weighing in at under 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) and bragging about a large battery pack for long flight times. Since tThe hexacopter can act as a gimbal, you only need add a camera and it’s ready for action. 

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There’s no word on technical details or future pricing, but I think it’s safe to assume this flyer will be worth the wait.

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