Why Is The DJI Matrice-600 Drone Worthy Of Attention?


People are getting really excited about owning and playing with their drones; they usually take things a bit too far and brag about the cinema quality footage they can get from their drones. Usually, we ignore such statements, since it proves to be bogus; but not this time. DJI’s Matrice-600 was designed for shooting professional quality video at large live and feature venues. This brand new platform bears the logo of a respected drone manufacturer, delivering a high level of mobility and control – something that we’ve become accustomed to. Scaled up to operate high-quality cameras, such as the RED Dragon, the drone will carry anything under 13 pounds.


The Ronin MX can rotate 360 degrees continuously, allowing it to follow any subject without worries. Users are able to connect their camera to DJI focus via the light bridge 2 transmission, allowing them to adjust the settings while it’s on the drone – ideal for changing light and speed conditions. Six DJI intelligent batteries are in charge of everything, able to power a fully loaded drone for up to 15 minutes; they can also be replaced and recharged. For a starting price of $4,600, this thing should better be worth it; am I right?

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The prices comparison between Phantom 3 & Phantom 4:

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