Yizhan iDrone i4S with HD camera

iDrone i4S with HD Camera

Fun Stuff On The Cheap Side

That is not to say that the Yi Zhan i Drone i4S will not deliver loads of fun; we merely meant to make it obvious that this cool toy comes at a decent price, will offering quadcopter times with a 2MP camera. Some might remember the popular Tarantula X6, while Yizhan has already come up with a much smaller and more affordable quadcopter.

The iDrone i4S, brags about an integrated 2MP camera meant to allow users to capture aerial videos or still pics. A return to home (RTH) feature, headless flight mode, and integrated propeller guards make for a decent offering, making this Yizhan product ideal for beginners.

There’s also a game-pad style remote controller, complementing the control sticks and trim buttons; the left side of the panel was designed to help owners take photos and switch between different flight speeds while the right one enables or disables video recording and will go for the 3D flip mode.

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Yizhan iDrone i4S Preview

The iDone i4S is powered by a 350 mAh battery, which means that only 5 minutes of flight at a time can be enjoyed; not that much, if you think about it, but those are the costs for a low price-tag. The good news is that the battery can be swapped for a charged one, which means you’re always ready for the next round.

Please note the two frontal blue LEDs, which look cool and help users find their favorite toy a little bit easier The small quadcopter costs around $39 (with free shipping) on HobbyWOW website, or you can check on Amazon, Flymemo version, so, there’s no point in criticizing, for that kind of money.

iDrone i4S

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