You Need Volt For Your Electric Car

Volt Car-Charging Drone

Well, you do. You have to admit that this is not surprising, for electric cars to finally join hands with our battery-powered toys and help each other out – and, in turn, make our day that much better for it. The electric car is moving in for the kill, and recent scandals regarding diesel-powered vehicles have only paved its way into our future.

Of course, there’s that debate about range, speed, and practicality – a long one, according to me, one that is easily won by petrol-powered cars. Do you know just how polluting the building process of an electric car actually is? Feel free to do a bit of research before answering that. Moving on.

The Volt Car-Charging Drone concept is what I would call Santa’s little helper. Created by Korean designer 92 White, this thing is supposed to land next to your car and charge it up, upon request; service requests and payment are handled via an app, but there is such a thing as limitations – for instance, the drone’s range. Forget all about charging stations; this seems like the solution to our problem – or, yours, ca’sue I’m not driving electric unless they force me.

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The Volt is a four-winged quad-copter car-charging┬ádrone available in the most remote areas – or, it should become available. Offering car charging services accessible via a phone application is unheard of, and people will most likely go crazy over the design. But, is it more than a doodle on digital paper?

The volt will identify where the user is and what kind of vehicle he or she has before charging the correct battery and traveling to the vehicle. The drone’s charging gun is hidden inside, making sure the overall sleek aesthetic of this flying tool is not affected in any way. And, no – there is no talk about technical specification, battery life or range – yet.

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