ZenDrone Blazer 250 FPV Takes You Out To The Races

ZenDrone Blazer 250 is a very fast racing drone, a quad advertised to be capable of reaching top speeds of 100 Km/h – with great speeds comes great responsibility and tough times in controlling your drone. The ZenDrone Blazer 250 comes in two variants, “Standard” and “Professional”. The Pro edition packs a GPS positioning system, allowing it to precisely hold altitude hold and fail safe return to home, which makes the decision that much easier.

Delivered with a rebranded FlySky FS-i6s transmitter, this drone features a carbon fiber airframe, APM flight controller and powerful 2204 KV2300 brushless motors. The front and tail LED lights make for a pleasant show, as well as the ability to find your device in case of damage or crashes. The 3s 2200mAh Li-Po battery promises about 10 minutes of flight time, but we’re unclear if that time can be reached if you keep your toy close to the maximum speed or not. Check out the video below!

Images credit: rcgroups

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