3 Mobile Apps Worth Considering For Editing Your Drone Footage

The DJI Mavic and GoPro Karma have landed, so to speak, which is why reviewing the top mobile apps that users may enjoy while quickly editing and sharing your drone footage. We can help, which means more fun time for you!


This video editing software offers the same functionality on iOS and Mac. iMovie will allow you to create short videos, movies and Hollywood-style trailers easily stunning 4K videos can be enjoyed on iPhone 7. Almost reaching a professional level, with various filters, cool graphics and fast export speeds, this app is well worth the attention.\ – not without any costs, and please note that no music is provided


The Instagram platform needs no more introduction, and the app keeps up with recent upgrades: multiple video format support, multi-clip editing, and video length extension. Free of charge, the app also benefits from a huge community that can help; with an user-friendly and elegant user interface, Instagram will allow users to share content directly to other social networking platforms – Android and iOS users alike may enjoy it. You should not ignore the one minute time limit before making a decision.

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This is more than a simple tap; it’s  an assisted video editing app and curated video sharing community. Equally useful for professional and beginners, with the social features handy for promoting your work and short highlight reels always on offer, this app is pretty cool. Free of charge, and some automatic functions part of the package; oh, by the way, simple music integration cuts videos to the beat. There are no manuals for instructions and no color filters, so it’s basically up to your imagination.

I’m sure there are way more options to discuss, but these apps might come in handy if you’re planning on making quick cuts out in the field and getting your videos out into the world.

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