AER Will Get Your GoPro Excited

AER is more of a toy than anything else, and it offers users the opportunity to throw their GoPro in the air, regardless if they’re mad or not. I mean, how often do you get the change of throwing things around and not break them? Meant to capture sweet aerial shots, this Nerf-looking thing is a foam dart designed to fly straight and far while protecting your GoPro all the way. Explanations are not needed; co-founder Mark de Boer and his friends wanted a cheaper way to get their GoPros airborne, and the AER was born.

Even better, the AER will travel at maximum velocity and the foam bumper floats in case of an aquatic crash and also protects your tech from the inevitable. What’s really cool is  that it doesn’t require any charging or calibration either. Please note that you may also go for AER’s specifically-designed bags to house all the gear. Currently about a quarter funded on Kickstarter, the AER can be yours for $55 – at least for now.

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