DJI Goggles Will Get You Amidst Stars

We’re not just dealing with another VR headset here, as the video goggles from DJI connect wirelessly to the company’s new foldable Mavic Pro drone – as if the drone wasn’t cool enough, now users get the chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view from the 1080p camera.

There’s nothing about the idea, but it’s finally been transformed into reality. The DJI Goggles were revealed alongside the Mavic device, although no demos were up for enjoyment. Sure, right now, the goggles only work with the Mavic Pro, but you can expect more DJI drones to be welcomed to the ‘family’.

The headset looks chunky, but the single adjustable hoop-style headband struggles to make up for that, adding to the comfort. Two 1080p panels with an 85-degree field of view can be found on the inside, with a flap on the side covering some connectors – no one knows what, but we’re hoping for HDMI input.

The good news is you can connect two pairs of goggles to the same Mavic, which kind of like team play, but old-school mode – anyone remember split-screen gaming? DJI hasn’t put a price-tag on the Goggles yet, nor do we know when one of these things would be up for grabs in the shops. Here’s hoping Santa has better luck!

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