DJI Spark Accessories Are A Must

DJI Spark Accessories

The DJI Spark drone took the world by storm, and now that accessories have become available, you may find new and cool ways of improving your Spark drone. Your flying experience will alter, as these accessories might let you enjoy the drone for longer periods of time at a time.

Extra Batteries – Buy now

DJI Spark Extra Batteries
That would come in handy, right? No juice is always enough of a reason to ruin your day, which is why the Spark’s battery gives you a maximum of 16 minutes flying at 20 km/h. However, that may not be enough for some, which is why packing a few extra batteries sounds like a good idea.

Charger Hub – Buy now

Charger Hub DJI Spark

Multiple batteries means that extra charging time will be required. As such, a battery charging hub allows you to optimally charge 3 units in sequence or simultaneously in 90 minutes or less, depending on battery temperatures and type.

Propellers Guards – Buy now

DJI Spark Propellers Guards

We’ve all been there, at one time or another. Crashing the drone or damaging propellers is a part of a pilot’s everyday life – at least in the beginning. Protect your family, friends, pets, and yourselves when using your Spark indoors with the lightweight propeller guards offered by DJI.

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DJI Spark Extra Propellers

Better safe than sorry. Going for extra propellers is a smart approach, as well, having your flying session ruined by breaking your propellers can be avoided by being prepared, and some spares are the way to go.

Remote Controller – Buy now

DJI Spark Remote Controller

Flying your Spark at 50 km/h (31 mph) with up to a 2 km worth of range requires a serious controller. Better yet, a second one allows you to share the experience, and flying using dual RCs might prove to be your next challenge. Fun times, right?

But, why stop here when there’s more ground to be covered – literally and figuratively. There are more accessories to be experienced, and there are 5 more to take a closer look at.

Manfrotto: Gear Backpack Medium – Buy now

DJI Spark Gear Backpack

Dividers allow drone enthusiasts and owners to customize the interior compartments according to their needs and preferences. The $90 Gear Backpack Medium is compact, functional and ergonomic; access is easy thanks to dual zippers that expose the contents of the backpack. Inside, organizer pockets for small items come in handy while a specially applied coating to the fabric makes moisture a distant enemy.

The Everyday Sling – Buy now

DJI Spark Everyday Sling

The Everyday Sling is the ultimate minimalist drone bag. Portability has never been more fun and cool-looking, and for $150 this thing will carry your drone, controller, accessories, 13″ laptop, 11″ tablet, and still have room for additional personal items. What about that? Whether you’re a beginner drone pilot, a pro or someone that simply loves to keep it light and on the move, the Everyday Sling is a good idea. Where was this photo taken, though?

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Storage Box Carrying Bag – Buy now

Spark Storage Box

For a mere $10 DJI drone owners may make use of this simple, lightweight carrying bag. Designed to carry the Spark drone and some accessories, this thing will never let anyone know what you are up to – that;s kind of the point, don’t you think?

Battery Safe Bag – Buy now

DJI Spark Battery Safe Bag

The Battery Safe Bag offers reliable charging, storage, and transportation for your battery packs. Reducing the possibility of igniting surrounding objects is well worth $9, wouldn’t you say? Always keep it safe. Remember that, no matter what you do or where you are.

Drones Landing Pad – Buy now

Landing Pads for Spark

This one is a favorite of mine, regardless of the drone of choice. Costing $17, this portable and easy to use landing pad looks like loads of fun. Easy to fold and able to protect your drone’s gimbal camera during takeoff and landing, this colorful accessory is a beginner’s favorite – at least they will be counting points as they crash repeatedly before learning to control their flying machine.

Any other thoughts?

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