Dr. Samer Aldhaher Envisions Batteryless Drone

We all dream about drones flying longer and farther than before, which is why manufacturers are constantly developing more powerful batteries. However, there is more than one way to make an omelet, and Dr. Samer Aldhaher of Imperial College of London is going a different way about things.

The researcher is working on a drone that requires no battery at all; he has found a way to power a small drone through wireless charging – how’s that for cool uses for technology? A wireless charging unit directly beneath it makes everything happen, but since we’re already discussing wireless charging on the roads, for electric vehicles, this kind of fun might be closer to becoming a reality than you think.

The technical details would probably not interest or concern you, we only want it to work, right? If you’re more the curious  type, you should know that Dr. Aldhaher has made his research paper on his work publicly available. thus offering an exciting look into what could be in our future thanks to wireless charging. Check out the video below!

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