The GoPro Hero6 Camera And The Karma Drone Get Together

Are we expected to feel lucky or happy about that? I’m guessing so, and this is more than just gossip. GoPro’s Karma drone took the world by storm, although some pilots expected even more from the impressive flying machine.  However, GoPro unveiled its new Hero6 camera, and things are about to change.

The Hero6 Black is a waterproof action-cam, capable of shooting 4K footage at 60 fps and which implements voice controls, utilizes GPS, and has a neat 2-inch touchscreen on its back. Will the Karma drone pack the Hero6 Black towards the top of everyone’s shopping list? Come the Holiday season, we will most likely find out.

The portable Karma has been through a lot; battery issues forced a recall only a month after the official release, leaving room for the DJI Mavic Pro to cover the market. Will the Hero6 Black turn the tables and enable the Karma to take its rightful place among top drones around the world? Feel free to check out the aerial footage below and make up your own mind.

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