The Feiyu Tech Summon Is An Impressive Package

The new FY Summon has got people talking, with interesting features such as a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera bragging about a 16 megapixel graph sensor, 4k video recording at 25 fps and a 2″ HD display; have I mentioned the 95 degree distortion corrected lens? And of course, the $399 price-tag (check today’s price)

The stylish Feiyu Tech Summon is also sturdy, while the waterproof carry pod seems to support said statement. Easy to operate, with an intuitive menu and effortless navigation,  this thing comes with built-in Wifi, a dedicated app and a 3000 mA/h battery; this translates into 180 mins of constant shooting at 1080P – impressive, right? Getting those perfect shots might prove a bit difficult, and  the Summons 360 panning ability and wide range of motion will get the gimbal to lock up; this thing can’t handle water that well, so it pays to be careful.

The Summon is also capable of 360 degree panorama, time lapse and slow motion. With a pleasing aesthetic design thins thing is a pleasure to work with. Delivering high-quality stills and video with accurate colors, the Summon is off to a great start. One of the biggest differences between the Summon and the DJI OSMO is that 2.0 inch LCD screen which is absent in the Osmo, otherwise these two products are quite similar. There’s room for improvement, surely; however, once all that work is further refined, the FY Summon should prove a serious competitor on the market and a product worth purchasing.

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