The Tiny Eachine TX03 Camera Looks Like A Joke

Eachine TX03 Camera Preview

But, it isn’t! The Eachine TX03 camera comes with built-in 70CH VTX and aims at getting everyone’s attention, basing its confidence on the success of the TX01 and TX02.

The new micro VTX camera brags about adjustable output power, allowing users to switch the TX power between 25mW, 50mW and 200mW. Aiming at offering full compatibility with FPV displays/goggles, the VTX module has 9 bands and a total of 72 transmission channels – impressive, right?

Eachine TX03 specs

Eachine TX03 Font side

Similar to products before it, the Eachine TX03 was designed for low voltage systems, with official specs stipulating an operating voltage between 2.5V ~ 5.5V. 

The all-in-one concept weighs in at 6g and is suitable for 1s Li-Po batteries; it packs an M7 10mm lens, with 150 a degree field of view, a 1/3″ CMOS sensor and a nickel-plated four leaf antenna.

The 600 TVL resolution should be enough, considering the small size; wouldn’t you agree? This seems like a camera suited for the characters in Bee Movie.

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Eachine TX03 backside

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