Top Drone 360 Camera Apps

Are you taking photos right now? Everyone is, and not of the cool kind. You see, with every electronic device out there packing powerful cameras, everyone is thinking that every second of every day is worth remembering and sharing with the rest of the world – no, no one wants to see your dog make or your ravaged bedroom, and so on.

Aside from that very big waste of bytes – you know, zeros and ones – there are some cool apps that will make your drone take some really interesting shots. This is what we are going to focus on next – you’re welcome! Everyone loves full 360 degree cameras capturing amazing videos, and you need specialized hardware to enjoy such results. However, some software to get those still shots is also required.

Basically, a collection of smaller images are blended together to create a wonderful illusion. You can manually take a collection of images and lay them out in photo editing software, but that’s not what we want. So, what apps are we talking about?

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DJI GO 4 / DJI Spark (Android / iOS)


The best drone in the DJI fleet is powerful enough to make any pilot smile, and the Sphere feature will allow them to captures multiple images and blends them together almost seemingly. Obviously, it always pays to go directly to the manufacturer of the drone for software solutions. Need I explain why?

Parrot FreeFlight Pro (Android / iOS)

Parrot FreeFlight Pro app

Flying a Parrot Bebop 2 is fun, and Parrot’s software will come in and take some cool create panoramic photos. Who loves when the software and hardware you already own work well and deliver enjoyable results? That’s right.

Litchi (Android / iOS)

Litchi app

Litchi is considered as an alternative app to DJI GO, but this app can do way more than that. DJI chooses to put one many great camera modes into sub-menus in their interface, and this is exactly where Litchi comes in. This app will reveal everything and allow you to enjoy cool shots without the hassle for any professional or cheap drone with camera. Expect to pay up before making use of Litchi.

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DronePan (Android / iOS)

DronePan app

This simple app takes control of your drone, spins it around while taking 20 photos, and voila. A selection of DJI drones may benefit from this app’s services, which ends up making more than one pilot happy. Here’s hoping this app will end up working on other drone families as well.

Feel free to share your cool shots with us and let us in on any tips or trick – maybe apps?

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