The DJI Cendence & Tracktenna Have Been Announced

DJI Cendence Remote Control

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, DJI has announced three major new products – we’ve already talked about the Ronin 2 – among which are the Cendence remote control and the Tracktenna signal booster. Following presentations on the impressive camera rig, DJI announced the drone-related devices designed to make high-end customers happy.

DJI Cendence

Owners of the DJI Inspire 2 or those looking forwards to owning the M200 series drone may want to consider the Cendence. Equipped with a built-in display, multitude of controls and HD video management options, this controller will get pilots smiling.

DJI Cendence

Set to cost $999, this thing allows you to connect your mobile device, an HDMI or SDI display. You will have the option to swap batteries, but considering that each pack will deliver 2 and a half hours of power, things are definitely looking good.


Think connectivity. Distance is usually your enemy, and that’s where Tracktenna comes in. It was developed to ensure a solid connection; a signal booster for the Cendence remote control, this thing will allow users to connect via wire to the signal booster and watch as it automatically spins to track your drone. 

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DJI Tracktenna

Long story, short, you will be enjoying a 6.2-mile range with up to 10Mbps data transmission speeds at as far as 1.24 miles away. This sounds like a perfect day outdoors, with your favorite device joining in.

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