The DJI Goggles Have Finally Been Detailed

DJI Goggles

You were waiting for this bit of news, weren’t you? Yes, although we first saw the DJI Goggles during the Mavic launch event it is only yesterday that we receive the full package – of information and details, that is.

The company has finally unveiled the FPV Goggles with complete specs – feel free to check an unboxing here. Guess why we’re excited!

FPV Goggles Specs & features

First things, first! The DJI Goggles will set you back $449 and you will be able to enjoy them starting May 20th; there is no sense in talking presale, everyone will go mad about that and you won’t get your hands on some goggles.

Moving on. Were you expecting for DJI to put a higher price on these? So were we.

True, you’ll need a Phantom 4 and above, a Mavic or an Inspire if you want to enjoy the magic – that’s life, Speaking of magic, the screens inside the DJI Goggles promise 720p at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 30 frames. With 360-degree coverage, it is only natural to think drone racing.

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DJI Goggles on Mavic Pro

Racing requires quite a bit of maneuverability, which is why pilots will be able to use the goggles to control the yaw and camera tilt with Head Tracking Flight mode and remote controller sticks.  

Using DJI Goggles

If you’re wearing glasses, don’t feel disappointed; DJI made sure the goggles can be worn comfortably by each and all – nice one, DJI.

Considering that the DJI Goggles feature an HDMI output, users will be able to watch not only feeds from your drone but plug in a video device to Netflix or play video games. while your racer is charging up. The onboard speakers will keep you immersed and entertained no matter what. How could this day get any better?

DJI Goggles


Beginners usability


PRO usability


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