Things To Be Aware Of When The DJI Mavic Pro Controller Comes To Mind

MavicPro Controller

Choose your device carefully

The compact size of the Mavic Pro always takes people by surprise; it’s easy to set up until you try to connect your phone to the controller. You would expect a more streamlined approach, but it seems the experience varies on which phone you own. You’d think iPhone 7+ would have it easy.

Size matters

Packing a serious transmission range, the drone’s controller is backed up by a 2970mAh 3.7 V battery that will – in theory – support mobile devices that are 6.5 to 8.5 mm thick and as long as 160 mm. The new iPhone 7+ packs a dual camera lens set up on the back, it’s larger and this is why the controller is reluctant to work alongside this device. 

It’s very difficult to plug the iPhone in due to the fact that the plug itself is located in the middle of two rubberized grips. On the Mavic prose controller, there is zero room to use your phone with even the thinnest case and dropping the device really isn’t an option.

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Go home

My next issues are the fact that the rubberized grippers on the controller one cover up the home button almost entirely on the iPhone and to cover up the sensor on the front of the iPhone which lets the phone know whether it is dark or light outside.

Turn off auto brightness because once I put my phone into the cradle holders on the Mavic prose controller and that sensor is covered on the front of the phone my phone thinks it’s dark outside and lowers the brightness all the way down.

DJI Mavic Pro Controller


The rubberized grippers will make room for one camera on the back of the iPhone, but the dual lens of the iPhone will most likely become irrelevant.

The Mavic prose controller the grips actually have to squeeze over the second lens, which makes finding out that the Mavic Pro controller does not get along with the iPad not that surprising. Don’t you just hates when this happens?

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You go for the best of two different markets and it’s all for nothing. Don’t you just hates when this happens?

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