EPSON Drone Glasses May Be Distracting

EPSON Moverio BT-200

Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

After Google’s innovative glasses failed to deliver the excitement and features it was hoping to – at least, in my mind (but seems that they are not really “dead”) – drone glasses now make drone pilots daydream about virtual reality and other movie concepts that have all kept us awake late at night.

For instance, once you put the Moverio BT-200 ($699) Smart Glasses to work you will see what the drone sees. But, is that a good idea?

As the quadcopter takes flight, you’ll remember those sci-fi 2000s PC games that allowed you to experience the universe from inside your room or office.

The intense experience bears no comparison to the smartphone viewer, but there’s always a catch in life. There’s a saying – after each great pleasure, some pain must come.

EPSON Drone Glasses

Photo: Jefferson Graham, USA Today

As you get all excited and enjoy the glasses, you realize you have no clue about your drone’s whereabouts. Sure, the FAA might get upset about that, but no pilot enjoys losing his device or even have it destroyed due to lack of attention from his or her part. 

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With the Moverio, the drone view fills about half the screen and that might give you a change to keep your drone alive. Still, the danger remains.

So, the best way to enjoy drone glasses would be to have someone else pilot the drone as you enjoy the outrageous views.

The Moverio is described by Epson as smart glasses, but I’m guessing that statement should be put to the test by each pilot before believing it. Still, drone glasses are yet to be fully developed, so there are some fun times ahead.

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