The Incase Drone Pro Pack Is Perfect For Your Valuables

Incase Drone Pro Pack

As we are drone and technology enthusiasts, this is obviously not about jewelry and shiny trinkets. Incase has unveiled a new collection of bags and cases designed specifically for carrying drones and drone accessories – yes, those valuables.

The Drone Pro Pack is definitely worth your time, as this backpack will keep DJI Phantom drones and everything you need to capture and edit aerial footage safe. The collection also includes the Capture Sling Pack, Capture Side Bag, and Drone Compression Case for DJI Mavic, but it’s the $199.95 Drone Pro Pack that gets me excited.

DJI provides a compact carrying case but, as of now, it seems obsolete. Besides, pilots need a separate bag if a MacBook or camera are joining them on the road.

Drone Pro Pack

Drone Pro Pack will comfortably fit anything you need. Just twist your blades off and tuck your drone inside while a velcro strap holds it in place. There are various compartments available to accommodate spare batteries, chargers, cameras, and everything else.

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Incase Drone Pack Waterproof

A padded zip up section along the back fits iPads and MacBooks, while separate compartments hold smaller accessories. I will admit, the Drone Pro Pack is not as compact as we would want it to be, but considering the all-in-one approach is practical we will let it slide – for now.

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