Mito Is Also Interested In Your Phone

Since everyone’s focus around smartphones and their cool capabilities, it would make a lot of sense for your drone to do the same. I mean, virtual reality viewers like the Gear VR and it’s making it way onto the drone market as well. What if your device was the brains of the entire operation?

Mito introduced this concept, where your smartphone would actually control the drone; Mito seems to want to place phone at the center of their drone and let it work its magic. The phone would be used to take photos and handle maneuverability, which makes us wonder: what would the user to the entire time?

It all sounds interesting, although a bit redundant and odd; it would make for a cheap drone, but it would probably end up with a serious phone repair bill.I’m guessing Mito is dreaming about AI drones, and it considering alternatives with the same kind of effect on users – in lack of the technology needed to develop such artificial forms of ‘life’. Let’s just hope your phone doesn’t kill you any time soon.

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