The World Is Serviced By Revolve

Designed by Andrea Mocellin to be the first modular wheel, Revolve is truly a unique design, one that has nothing to do with drones – so what? – but has managed to get our attention. The modular design will get you interested, for sure, but its incredible practicality will get you convinced this thing is worthy of attention.

Designed to occupy up to 60% less space when folded than a traditional wheel, Revolve’s foldable design allows it to be stored or taken on the road – in a backpack, in a trolley, or a trunk. Future foldable vehicles will appreciate this concept, and I’m thinking about industrial drones right now – too chunky?

Large wheels are required, for far more than leisure activities. Breaking down mobility issues is a challenge but all categories of people – the traveler, the dreamer and the commuter – will be smiling before the Revolve.


Yes, industrial drones, as well. I mean, their purpose requires them to be bold and powerful, hence the large size, but what if you could improve upon the design? Meanwhile, its two handles that lock and unlock the wheel when unfolded makes this concept practical. Furthermore, it is compatible with most bicycles and wheelchairs, so there’s bound to be a solid customer base waiting for this product to be released. Thoughts?

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