DroneGun Tactical – The Drone Killer You Can’t Have


I’m sorry to begin like this, but it’s the sad truth. The increasing global drone population has got people worried, which is why some of them are already thinking about taking down the neighbor’s flying machine. The team over at DroneShield delivers a portable weapon, the DroneGun Tactical, one that’s only legal to use by an authorized government agent.

The Australians at DroneShield have been showing off DroneGun, a high-powered antenna that blasts drones’ own antennas with a powerful signal, resulting in a loss of signal that renders the drone unusable. The large DroneGun requires a backpack, which is why the Tactical version is worthy of attention.

This digital gun weighs in at 30 pounds and DroneShield claims that the Tactical will drop drones more than a kilometer away; if the drone reestablishes signal with its controller, it might just take off again. That seems a bit pointless, right?

DroneGun Tactical

This device promises an hour or two of straight jamming, with a GPS blocker add-on also available. Keep in mind that mere citizens are strictly prohibited from getting their hands on one of these things. Furthermore, the FCC hasn’t approved the device for use in the U.S. So, any government agent that is a friend of yours might just make you a favor. Or, not?

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