Parrot Bebop Users Might Be Interested In These 5 Accessories

If you’re the lucky owner of a Parrot Bebop drone, you might be on the lookout for the best and possibly useful accessories – not an easy task, I might add. Here are 5 cool accessories that you should really consider going for:

5. 1600mAh High Capacity Battery

This is always the first thing to come to mind: flight time and battery back-up. There’s no better battery than the one provided by RC GearPro, which was specifically designed for the Bebop Drone and will deliver somewhere between 13 to 15 minutes per charge. Go for it!

4. Anbee® Rapid Balance Charger

Anbee is popular for developing the best chargers on the market, and this particular model comes with a balance charger and an adapter plate. Used to fit stock batteries, this tool reduces charging times which means more time for fun, overall. 

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Please note that there is also a protection built-in to stop overcharging and an LED indicator to show current charge, check today’s price on Amazon.

3. Upgrade Rotor Propellers

What’s the first upgrade people look for when they have a drone? Propellers is what keep your toy above the ground, so it would only be a logical mote to think about upgrading them. 

When you look out for replacements, you get both a performance upgrade as well as an aesthetic improvement. Aftermarket propellers are usually light, with the ones you see here showing off a black and yellow color scheme, but cheap and useful.

2. Tera 2PCs 1600mAh 11.1V High Capacity Batteries

If you love nothing more than to spend your free time flying your drone around, Tera has something that might get your attention – a two battery set that promises a flying time of 13 minutes, for each unit. Not bad and cheap, actually!

1. Parrot PF070079 Bebop Drone Motors Kit

The motor kit might not sound important, but what if you crash so bad that you damage at least one motor? That doesn’t mean your drone is scrap, and you have to get a new one; Parrot offers a full replacement kit, allowing users to easily repair their drone if accidents happen. 

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This kit includes all of the 4 runner brushless motors, as well as anything one might need to install them, you can check today’s price here. Good news!

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