PITTA Will Fly Away With Your perfect Picture

PITTA drone

Let me stop you from thinking about a misspell or about me, drinking while at work – it is a new year, anything is possible. Jokes aside, we all love drones and taking pictures and selfies seems to have taken over our every minute of every day.

However, we all know that drones with impressive camera shooting abilities aren’t all that portable and are certainly not affordable. Enter PITTA, a drone that packs a 4K camera and brags about autonomous features ideal for any family vacation or amateur wishing upon o star for those perfect stills or cool videos.

Modular in design, this drone can transform into a flying machine, a home security camera, a wearable, or a camera mounted on a stick. Now that’s versatile. Weighing in at 200 grams, this small device needs no registration and will most likely fit in your pocket.

The new PITTA drone project

PITTA’s modular design makes it the perfect companion for every trip or outing. Furthermore, it packs a 13MP, although no one knows for sure any info on quality videos and pictures in low-light conditions – not yet, anyway. We do know that a mobile app companion increases features and functionality.

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It contains the functions for recording and the auto-follow mode among others – small, fun, and easy to use. Overall, PITTA sounds like a great little product and the Kickstarter page seems like the best [place to keep up with bits of news and information.

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