PolarPro’s Snap-on Filters Make For Some Cool Shots

If you live in California and love drones you will probably find out quite fast that the soaring images from the skies can sometimes be over-exposed – a.k.a. too bright. That’s what happens when you’re shooting with an in-the-air camera set for automatic exposure.

PolarPro comes to the rescue, with the company having developed snap-on filters that allow drone cameras to deliver proper results, or improved color and exposure. According to PolarPro co-founder Austen Butler, the DJI Mavic seems to have been on their mind, which is why new filters, carrying case and landing gear were developed for said drone.

You should know that the company also makes filters for DJI’s Phantom Pro drone and GoPro’s new Hero5 action camera. It is also worth mentioning that the PolarPro filters start off at $79.99 and come in groups of three. The Neutral Density filters were designed to bring down the brightness, while the polarizers are meant to reduce glare and increase color saturation. What’s your flavor?

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