Take A Look At The Improved Blade Theory XL Frame Kit

The Blade Theory XL Frame Kit represents an improvement upon  the FPV frame kit. The resized design delivers flight characteristics ideal for FPV racing,  such as increased stability. Built from a durable 4 mm carbon fiber plate, this frame promises a wonderful mix of durability and low weight curb – less than 80 grams. On the other hand, the bottom plate features designated cutouts to run the battery strap below the quad, reinforced arm tips to keep the motors safe and industry standard 30.5 mm standoff cutouts for the power distribution board or flight controller.

Feel free to think about receivers, video transmitters, or lap timing systems; there’s plenty of space available for that. Moreover, the top plate features patterned cutouts meant to allow easy access to nearly all video transmitters. Two vertical carbon fiber components act as a versatile and durable camera mount, and HS1177 style cameras will fit perfectly. Please note that motor choices allow anything from 16 mm to 19 mm motors. Where you want to go from here is entirely up to you.

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