The EXO 1 Exoskeleton Will Make Any DJI Phantom 4 A Hero

The DJI is well-known for its fantastic features; however, the EXO 1 exoskeleton transforms it into a dedicated search and rescue tool. The 3D-printed add-on adds a host of key features, such as GoPro mounting points at various locations around the exoskeleton meant to accommodate cameras, lights and various other devices and accessories. Who knows, maybe some day you will be thanking the mind behind the idea for coming up with it – I hope you never get into such a bad situation, though.

The EXO 1 can be equipped with a novel but simple payload system, benefiting from carabiners and neodinyum magnetics that help it lift a small payload and deliver without landing. The result of a design contest sponsored by DJI and Shapeways, the EXO 1 won the designer $1,000 and a Phantom 4 drone. Currently available on order for $113, and it might be something worth considering by the proper authorities – and anyone who might need it.


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