The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Glasses Allow For New Dimensions

The Walkera Goggle 4 features a 5-inch HD screen, and comes associated with a much more affordable price-tag than the high-end and expensive Goggle3. The Walkera offering now includes AV input/output, although that sounds like 20st century technology; I’m guessing HDMI input would’ve been more appreciated – at least to the DJI Phantom 4 drone. Good and stable reception is ensured by  the 40CH 5.8G receiver, which brags about two radio antennas. All the while, the built-in 2s 1200 mAh battery allows for around 2 hours of fun and entertainment, which is always a good feature.

Having racing quad-copters pass people by is always fun, but such a gadget is always a sound investment, offering more realistic sensation than the FPV screens – and probably enhanced precision as well. The Walkera Goggle 4 specifications list includes, but is not limited to, ergonomic design, Chroma, brightness and contrast adjustment, integrated 40CH 5.8 FPV receiver and one incredible user experience. Please note that this Walkera goggle is available for order, at around $179. Try it out!

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