The X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis Gimbal Aims At Making GoPro Users Even Happier

The X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis Gimbal has quickly become known as the most affordable 3-axis brushless gimbal around – I meant to say ‘cheapest’, but that would only damage the product’s image and reputation. Considering this gadget only costs $60, I’m thinking it’s well worth of your attention and cash.

According to the number of motors, the drone gimbals can be categorized in 1, 2 or 3 axis gimbals. High-demand aerial filming required 3-axis gimbals in order to get the best results, and this is where the X-CAM A10-3H comes in. The camera frame is designed for GoPro 3 cameras, but I’m sure any other product with similar size and weight can be used.

According to official info, this 3-axis gimbal can perform 360-degree rotation on the YAW-axis – something that panoramas lovers will appreciate. However, the X-CAM A10-3H’s controller board comes in a nice protective case, thus keeping it safe at all times and standing out from the crowd.

Once you consider that this thing is firmware upgradeable, benefits from parameters adjustment and sensor calibrations, as well as remote controller using PPM signals, you will slowly give into its power – for that kind of money, I would surrender immediately.

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