Vuzix iWear Headphones Sounds Selfexplanatory

iWear FPV headphones

However, there’s more to this device than that. Officially considered as a wearable display for mobile entertainment, this example of advanced technology promises new levels of video and audio performance for those looking for a mobile solution.

The CES Award Winning, Vuzix iWear is a state of the art set of video headphones, providing users with a mobile wearable video display and gaming solution featuring dual high-definition displays.

In more simple words, this cool little thing offers a field of view equivalent to a 125” home theater screen viewed from 10 feet away. HDMI is also available, which means users can hook up to their existing devices or mobile phone and enjoy the digital ride.

Vuzix iWear FPV headphones

vuzix headphones VR

The most technologically advanced mobile entertainment display on the market, iWear blends fantastic audio capabilities to deliver incredible 2D and 3D video experiences.

Packing a pair of outstanding 16:9 high-def displays, promising 1 million color pixels per eye, allowing iWear to benefit from one of the highest quality images out there.

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Lightweight and compact, this sleek device is both amazing looking and comfortable, while the ability to track head orientation and movement; when your head rotates, the image of the digital world in front of you matches that motion naturally in real-time, and so on; you get the idea.

iWear drone headphones

Floating display design for minimal face contact and maximum comfort will encourage users to have fun, play some games or watch videos for hours at an end in complete comfort.

Vuzix headphones

The built-in rechargeable lithium battery promises up to 3 hours of continuous mobile use for video playback or more than 10 hours of audio content. Furthermore, this set is collapsible and folds up for compact portability. Anything else? Oh, the price.

The advantages of the Vuzix iWear are obvious – an all-digital solution with zero latency; who wouldn’t want that?

The Vuzix iWear virtually transports you into the cockpit of your very own drone, with the sharp HD image offering the privilege of an immersive experience for any pilot and allowing them to make the rapid decisions necessary in a race against time and some very fast opponents.

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Vuzix iWear


Beginners usability


PRO usability


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