WiBotic PowerPad Will Keep Your Drone Going


We all love drones, and that’s why we’re here – talking and talking and talking some more about them. However, as sophisticated and state of the art some may be, we end up talking about the same disadvantage – battery life.

That will ruin your day and fun session, but things are about to change. We know that smart sensors and camera tech consume power, which is why average flight times stand at around 20 minutes. The WiBotic PowerPad aims to change our world, leaving behind ideas such as swapping batteries by offering wireless charging to your flying machine.

The PowerPad, a three-foot by three-foot landing pad, packs integrated wireless charging equipment. It will power up any drone and is weather-resistant, making it a viable choice for permanent installation and use.

Wifi charging drones

This landing pad will charge up your drone but also doubles as a waypoint on long-distance flights, allowing drones to land and recharge at intermediate points on their path – this seems like a good idea for services such as drone deliveries or potential military purposes.

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Aside from that, there is no further information on regarding pricing and availability, but we’re sure there’s bound to be some fresh bit and pieces of information quite soon. The PowerPad is way too interesting to remain in the shadows.

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