Best Places to Fly Drones in America

We are all looking for that perfect spot to fly our drone, and putting up lists with the best places to fly in America would be an easy thing to do – for us, and for you as well.

Best places to fly drones in America
But, that sounds boring; I mean, part of the fun of going out with your flying machine is the exploration process, the discovery of n and exciting places filled with natural beauties.

So, why ruin that? Before doing anything else, it is worth mentioning one more time that local rules and regulations should be checked before taking to the skies.

Which are the best places for flying drones in the USA?

The Northeast

The Northeast in USA

Your route might take to a 65-foot tall elephant, a lighthouse, and a possibly-possessed waterfall – these are among the favorites and obvious choices, although there are more beautiful stops in the Northeastern U.S.

The Mid-Atlantic

Mid-Atlantic USA Drone Fly Spots

Some might think about the bluegrass and rolling hills of Kentucky, while others will reminisce about the picturesque town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and the trip they once took there – to each his or her own. However, we encourage you to find your very own favorite places to fly drones in the mid-Atlantic U.S.

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The Southeast

Southeast USA Drone Fly Spots
Where will your GPS lead you? Well, a WWII battleship, UFO welcome center, and a tribute to Airstream trailers will most likely be on the map. However, there’s more to the Southeastern United States than that. Feel free to tell us more about it in the comment section below?

The Great Lakes

The great lakes USA Drone Fly Spots
From shipwrecks in Lake Michigan to an 18-foot tall crow, this incredible area on the globe is well worth visiting even if you are not a drone pilot nor would you ever want to be. However, blending in the passion for traveling and your flying skills might just make for a memorable trip. Any thoughts?

The Plains

The Plaines USA Drone Fly Spots

The middle of America has some beautiful and bizarre attractions, from the Ozark mountains to a 38-foot tall cow; there’s also a replica of Stonehenge made out of vintage automobiles. – when in America, am I right? We’ve established that there’s plenty to admire and take photos of; the only question that remains is this: will you be doing so with your smartphone or with your drone?

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The Mountains

The Mountains USA Drone Fly Spots
Fly your drone from the highest point in the Rockies, or simply use y our imagination and go for something way less mainstream than that. A quick look at the map and possibly some questions posed to the right people might turn you towards some incredible destinations – we expect photographic proof.

The Pacific

The Pacific USA Drone Fly Spots
You can catch whales feeding in Prince William Sound, 170-foot-tall rock formations in California, and abandoned railroads in Oregon. A quick Google search will make you head in that direction; but what about people who traveled before the invention of the Internet and search engines? Now, that’s being adventurous.

The Southwest

The Southwest USA Drone Fly Spots
People traveling to this part of America might be interested in taking in craters from meteorites, a ship made out of concrete, and a 30-foot pistachio – well, sorry, but I am getting hungry by now.

First of all, that concrete structure seems to pose some danger to personal flying machines, which is why it might be a good idea to find different landmarks to fly your drone around. Any suggestions or are you just going to wing it?

2 thoughts on “Best Places to Fly Drones in America”

  1. Derek says:

    Reading this just makes me wish you could fly drones over the Grand Canyon. I haven’t looked into it but I’m pretty sure they’ve already made that illegal. How cool would that be though?!

  2. Craig Corbin says:

    I’m traveling next year, and would love to have some details on locations to fly my drone. Can you provide specifics? Thanks

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