How About A Drone Under $200?

You don’t have to make due with just one; feel free to buy any or all of these drones, as each one will most likely put a smile on your face. If you feel like you’re a good boy or girl and don’t need anyone’s approval, go crazy and enjoy the day. We are here to offer you a shortcut towards a bright, sunny day, by offering you a short list of cool drones to get at less than $200. You are welcome!

Altair Aerial AA818 Plus – Check today’s price

Altair AA818 Drone

The АА818 Plus has a lot to offer, and beginners will most likely appreciate it. Packed with features, this drone is what some might consider affordable; the black and blue color scheme cannot be ignored. The plastic guards will keep propellers safe, so you don’t crash and burn – just crash. A 120-degree wide-angle 720P rubber damper HD camera will make for some cool shots while the ability to control the drone via FPV, from the screen of your smartphone, will also add to the day’s excitement – at least for 15 minutes at a time.

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Holy Stone F181C – Check today’s price

This impressive quadcopter is a great place to start, or a cool drone to help you do so – intermediate and even advanced drone pilots may apply. Packing an HD camera, return home key, headless mode, and bragging about a 100-meter range, this device will keep you on the edge of your seat or on your toes, whatever you prefer, for as long as 8 minutes. Those bright fun lights might have something to do with flight times, but we’ll ignore that.

Force1 U45W Blue Jay – Check today’s price

Lightweight and ready to fly, the U45W Blue Jay shows off a cool design. It will take off and land with the push of a button, while the extra battery pack might come in handy. An HD camera delivers 2MP stills and 720p videos at 30 FPS – Headless mode and Altitude Hold are also on offer. Noteworthy – a built-in WiFi module connects to your smartphone, allowing for FPC excitement. The package also includes a 4GB SanDisk Micro SD Card and four spare propellers.

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Syma X8G – Check today’s price

The beautiful Syma quadcopter stands out thanks to its candy red paint. However, for $150, this drone promises its own 8 MP Syma HD Camera, capable of shooting in 1080p, as well as Headless mode, Altitude Hold, and 360-degree flips. You can fly the quad as far as 100 meters, but not for too long – stronger winds will keep this drone cool and stable.

Sky Viper V2400 – Check today’s price

The Sky Viper V2400 is a green, lean, flying machine. Ideal for a fun day out and about, this drone brags about serious FPV functionality, thanks to the included headset, which lets you watch videos from the drone’s point of view. The Sky Viper app allows pilots to enjoy the tricks and stunts this device is capable of. Easy to fly, easy to launch, and with sensitivity adjustment button that will have every pilot enjoy the experience the Sky Viper V2400 will do flips and barrel rolls with no problem. How long will the 650 mAh 3.7V lithium-polymer battery keep up with the excitement? That’s for you to find out.

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