Our Take On Every Pilot’s Christmas Drone

It’s been a long year, at least for those of us who have to work for a living. Nonetheless, the poor and the rich, the hard-working and the lazy have all been kept on the edge of their seats by this year’s evolution in drone marketing and releases. There are as many opinions as there are pilots, to be sure, about which flying machine is the coolest and which is not. We aim not to judge, but to share our opinion – specifically, mine = about which one we’d love to have around this Holiday Season. Forget all about top 10 lists and objective criteria; this is all about fun and wishful thinking. Here we go!

Parrot Swing

The Parrot Swing seems to blend the best of both worlds, with everyone left confused by its unusual shape. This flying machine shows off four black polystyrene wings that allow it to turn into a plane before flying at speeds much higher than conventional drones. The Swing comes with its own Flypad, a joypad that keeps your smartphone company and its dedicated app – auto-takeoff and auto-landing features are included, which means that flying this thing is basically a dream come true.

Moment Drone

Carpe Diem! The Moment Drone is supposed to be the best foldable 4K aerial camera out there, thanks to features like auto-tracking and image stabilization. The lightweight drone is portable and can be controlled via a smart device, with a one-button auto return function coming in very useful. Capable of 15-minute flights, this drone is able to capture a wide range of activities for the small cost of $200. How do 4K UHD 25 fps videos and 12-megapixel stills sound like?

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Evolve XDynamics

Xdynamics introduced a drone with a carbon fiber monocoque body.  Evolve brags about the world’s first dual-screen drone controller while packing a removable gimbal that holds a 4K 12.4 MP camera with a Sony 1 /2.3” CMOS sensor complemented by a 21mm f/2.8 lens with a FOV of 94 degrees. The Evolve drone can shoot a 60 Mbit/s 4K video at a resolution of 3840×2160 at 30 fps. This thing weighs in at 5 pounds, which is why the drone will only fly for as long as 20 minutes.

Walkera Vitus 320

Chinese drone manufacturers at Walkera have come up with the Vitus 320, and some might have noticed by now that it resembles the Mavic. The portable and foldable quadcopter boasts a 4K, gimbal-stabilized camera, dual GPS flight stabilization and a miniature controller with arms that fold out to hold your device – te Vitus 320 is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the Mavic, which will get people interested.

Polaroid PL3000

It’s all about opening boxes with us, isn’t it? it’s Christmas, which seems to be Oto check out the Polaroid PL3000. Featuring an aluminum/plastic construction, extra propellers, and a remote control, this device brags about a flight distance of up to 1000 feet, a total flight time up to 10 minutes and speeds up to 16 mph – this should do, right? An auto-return and one-key landing are also there to help out.

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SmartPlane Pro

Tthe SmartPlane Pro is the single app controlled plane that amateur pilots can experience through virtual reality glasses. According to the manufacturer, this thing will fly straight into a stone wall and come out unharmed – thanks to TobyRich’s proprietary durable Durinum material and a reinforced carbon fiber fuselage. The VR glasses included in the package will offer you an exciting time sans the danger of actually flying. The drone has several pre-programmed stunt maneuvers that can be easily activated and that are carried out autonomously.


The TYRC TY6 enters the pliable drone market, packing a barometric air-pressure sensor that allows this flying machine to autonomously maintain its flight altitude. It is also worth mentioning that the camera, battery, and other electronic parts were hidden under the fuselage. You will receive a 720P camera for aerial video recording, FPV capabilities, 3 levels of flight speed rate and maximum 7 minutes of flight time thanks to the 3.7V 650 mAh battery.

FQ777 FQ26 Miracle

The FQ777 FQ26 Miracle is one of the most interesting mini quadcopter offerings on the market. This thing can be flown anywhere and anytime, stable when flown indoors and easy to fly. This nano quad is small and light, with an average charging time of 80 minutes, a max range of about 40 to 50 meters and incredible portability. The battery 3.7V 450mAh battery will deliver about 6-10 minutes of flight time, which is impressive considering the reduced size of this flying machine.

Any other suggestion you might have?

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